Paint a wall – but where to start?

Feel the urge to paint some walls but have no idea where to start?

Ahh paint, what a beautiful thing, but the choices are over whelming.  Every one says with a little elbow grease and a few bucks you can transfer your home from blah to whaaaa in a few hours.  But, where to start.  Choices will depend on your own situation – are you sprucing to move or freshening to stay?  Check out Sherwin Williams newest pallets:  Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2018

If your plan is to move and you need to neutralize and appeal to the mass buying market, Sincerity is the ideal place to start.  Staying home, but feel the need to shake things up, take a look at Affinity and Connectivity both a little more creative and easy to personalize with.

Staying or moving, bold or subdued, the choice is yours and ooohhh the choices are endless!