Getting Winter Ready!

Planning on selling your home this winter?  Here’s a couple of tips to help you get ready!

Well you have to admit, we’ve had a great run in the weather department!  Long full days of sun sun sun. But alas, with the current forecast and the lineup for snow tires, here comes winter.  And yes, the dreary weather makes staging your home even more important.  Here are a few Must Dos to get your home winter market ready:

Lighting, not just a girl’s best friend:

I don’t know about you, but my doors and windows were open for months over the summer which means our outdoor  uninvited guests flew directly into the light!  You just have to look up at your favorite chandelier to see the carnage.   Fill up the sink with warm water and give ‘em a good burial…umm wash.

Bulbs, bulbs bulbs. I know, you need a degree and a strong large coffee to purchase something as simple as a light bulb these days.   The selection, types and numbers can be daunting.  Check your fixtures and make sure to install the correct type and wattage.  If it says 60 use 60, not 40. And skip the energy efficient swirly ones, now is not the time to be energy conscious.

Baby, light the fire!

Have a gas fireplace?  – turn it on! And not just for open houses – make sure it’s on for the professional photos, all showings day or night and open houses.

Turn up the heat! Warm up the house, but don’t over do it.  Studies show 21C is the optimal indoor temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.  Just right for everyone.

Get Cozy!

Layer in seasonal colored throws on the sofa and chairs; change out your summer bedding for warm blanket combinations and pillows pillows pillows.  The more pillows the merrier I always say, just ask Elinor!

The Great Outdoor Clean Up!

Outside presentation and curb appeal is just as important as the inside decor.  First Impressions!  Power-wash the walkway – mind your toes; rake up those leaves and sweep the driveway.   Treat your front door to a fresh coat of paint,  some fresh seasonal flower pots and an attractive Welcome mat.  After the SOLD sign is up, you can put the Go Away mat back.

Hot Summer Nights:

Did you play in your yard over the summer? Leave out photos showing off your yard during the summer months – the kids playing, flower beds in bloom, the freshly mowed lawn.  Our neighborhood is event crazy, there is always something going on!  Pictures will show buyers the sense of community, fun and just how great your neighbors really are!

A little planning and elbow grease will make your home a standout this winter season!